Family Week
"A Christian Family Vacation Experience"


The term Holy Communion invites us to focus on the self-giving of the Holy God, which makes the sacrement an occasion of grace, and on the holiness of our communion with God and one another. Eucharist, from the Greek word for thanksgiving, reminds us that the sacrement is thanks-giving to God for the gifts of creation and salvation. The term Mass, used by the Roman Catholic Church, derives from the Latin word mission, literally "sending forth," and indicates that this celebration brings the worship service to a close by sending forth the congregation with God's blessing to live as God's people in the world. All of these names refer to the same practice: the eating and drinking of consecrated bread and wine in the worshipping community.

This sacrement has been a central and inportant service throughout the entire life of Methodism. It recalls the Last Supper of Jesus with the disciples. It is a celebration and rememberance of God's grace and mercy in Jesus, of the resurection of Christ, and of Christ's continuing presence with us. It provides the worshiper with the opportunity to renew the convenant made with God and to be rededicated to service in Christ's name.

All are welcome to take Communion in the United Methodist Church, including visitors, those who belong to other demoninations, and those who have never been baptized. Children are welcome to take communion. It is up to the parents to decide when their child should begin receiving communion. Because the table at which we gather belongs to the Lord, it si open to all who respond to Christ's love, regardless of age or church membership.

We offer two communion services during the week. Our first communion service is at the beginning of the week, on Sunday evening at 7:00 pm. Our second communion service is on the last day of the week, Saturday. In fact, it is the very last religious service we do before we all leave camp and go back home.