Family Week
"A Christian Family Vacation Experience"

About Us

When you come to Family Week, you will experience the wonder and beauty of the Laurel Mountains in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Whether you come to camp with another family, or you come to camp with just your family, you will soon make new friends and learn the real "gift" of Family Week is the interaction with other Christian familes and the sharing of experiences. Getting together with other Christian familes brings a sense of support in knowing that we are not alone in this world. Family Weeker's have fun while enjoying the opportunity "to be still and know He is God." Relationships are formed, friends are made, familes are bonded, and in some cases, true life changes are made.

You will also enjoy the relaxed atmosphere as you get away from the busy and hectic life of the city. Family members can become reacuainted with each other. Faith issues can be discussed between parent and child and parent-to-parent. Many familes learn to pray together as a family, some re-dedicate themselves to being better Christian parents and commited, loving spouses.

Children are strongly encouraged to participate in all the daily classes (see Programs) and activities where they will learn about Christian teachings, Jesus Christ, and God, all in age appropriate ways. Each morning after breakfast, all of the school-aged children will go to Bible class. Each class is dived by grade level, and each class is supervised by a dedicated staff member that has tailored the teachings for each grade level. There is also a teen age group for the children in the middle to high school years.