Family Week
"A Christian Family Vacation Experience"

What To Expect

To prepare you and your family for a Family Week experience, we should point out a few things that you should expect before you come to camp:

  • You should bring your own Bible, a notebook, and a pen.
    They will be needed during each class and throughout the week.
  • Most campers will sleep in a gender specific "dorm-style" room with a couple other campers.
    Beds, clothing storage, and bathroom will be provided for each room, however, you should bring bedding/sleeping bags for each family member, including a pillow.
  • You should bring towels and other toiletries for each family member, hair dryer, alarm clock.
  • You should prepare for the occasional rain day and bring a rain jacket and umbrella.
    The summer weather is warm and comfortable most of the day, however, early morning and late evening could be a little cold, you should bring a light jacket just in case.
  • Bring comfortable shoes/tennis shoes/sneakers for walking.
    The Jumonville campus is quite spread out and you will have to walk to most buildings.
    Recently, we have had problems with campers wearing loose-fitting, open-toed sandals on campus, and we recommend that you not wear them during camp.
  • Campus policy requires that any bathing suit worn at the pool must be a one piece suit.
    No two piece suits of any kind will be allowed. Bathing suits are only allowed to be worn in the designated pool area. Bathing suits are not allowed to be worn on any other part of the campus.
  • Don't forget to bring sunscreen (if needed).
  • If you have any special dietary needs (diabetic, vegetarian, etc.) we will try to accomodate you as much as possible, however, you should also take steps on your own behalf to ensure that you are taken care of properly.
  • We try to include everyone in all the weekly activities as much as possible, but please keep in mind that some recreational activities are restricted to campers over 10 years old because of the nature of the activity.
  • Cell phones and other electronic devices such as cd & mp3 players are discouraged and should be left in your room, or not brought to camp at all. Cameras and video recorders, however, are allowed.
  • Sunday Morning Church Service, as well as our Friday Night Banquet Dinner, are usually a "semi-dressie" event.
    Ladies usually wear summer dresses and men usually wear suits, or khakis and a nice dress shirt.
  • You will need to bring some type of blanket or tarp to sit on during our campfire/cross service.
  • You should also have a flashlight handy for each of your family members to be used at our campfire and cross services.
  • There will be some additional expenses during the week that are not covered by the room & board fees so you will need to bring some additional money (i.e. snack shop food, pictures, carnival, offerings, donations).
  • The Jumonville campus has a pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, softball field, soccer field, and is surrounded by woods for hiking. Some sports equipment is provided, however, if you are planning to play volleyball, softball, soccer, or tennis, you may want to bring your own personal equipment (i.e. rackets, tennis balls, baseball gloves, knee & elbow pads, etc.)