Family Week
"A Christian Family Vacation Experience"

Financial Aid

Jumonville has a financial aid fund that can provide assistance to those who would like to come to camp but cannot afford the full cost of camp. Applications for Jumonville financial aid are available by contacting the Jumonville office at (800) 463-7688 or by downloading a form from the following link: Finanical Aid Form

Payment Plans

For those familes that are sure to attend Family Week each year, but are financially challenged when Family Week rolls around in July, we recommend you try our payment plan. Starting in January of each year, you can start making payments towards your room & board and mail the payments to the camp registrar. There is no set payment amount required for each month, and you can pay what ever you are able. The remaining balance, whatever that amount is, will be due when you come to Family Week in July and pay off the remaining balance. You should contact the Family Week Registrar to set up these arrangements.

Personal Savings Account

Similar to the payment plan above, more and more familes have decided to set up their own personal savings account at their local bank. Every time they get paid from their employer, they set aside a small portion of their paycheck to go into this savings account. By opening and/or having a personal savings account specifically for Family Week, you are able to earn interest on that money and have that extra money go towards your room and board when Family Week comes around in July.

A Note About Camp Costs

The camp fees that individuals, familes and churches pay, help provide for daily room and board for campers and volunteer staff. The fees also help with program materials and equipment costs. Except for a limited number of on-site camp staff and students on the Summer Program Staff, our event is generously staffed by our own Family Week Council member and Family Week volunteers. These fellow campers help to defray some of the costs involved with a camp program like Family Week and they help to make Family Week possible. Our operating expenses are at or below the average costs involved for similar camp programs, and we do everything possible to keep our costs down as much as possible.