Family Week
"A Christian Family Vacation Experience"

Campfire Service

On Tuesday night, we all gather together for an outdoor campfire service (weather permitting). The campfire area is situated on one of the open hillside areas of the campus. As you sit on the hillside, you can look behind you and see the massive 'Cross of Christ' on top of the mountain. Looking directly upward, you can see the stars just starting to come out for the evening. Looking out in the distance in front of you, a great view of the city of Uniontown as the sun sets on the horizon, making for a very pretty evening. Add in a large bon-fire, and the gentle wind blowing through the trees off to the side. And you're ready to enjoy an evening of fellowship and worship as the adult speaker for the week, leads you in an informal worship service. Singing and joking during the campfire service give way to a deep and spiritual service teaching about Jesus Christ and God.

After the religious service is complete, don't go anywhere! We have s'mores and drinks for anyone that wants them. Lay back on the hillside and lookup at the stars for a while and see a few new ones that you don't usually get to see from the city. Spend a few minutes of quiet time to yourself and just admire the beauty that God has made and put all around you.