Family Week
"A Christian Family Vacation Experience"

Mission Statement

The purpose of Family Week is to provide a family vacation experience that is centered on Christian teachings, interaction with other families and is designed to strengthen family bonds and deepen our relationship with God.

Spritual Values and Beliefs

  • Our beliefs are founded on the teachings of Jesus Christ; to show the love, grace, and truth of Him in all that they do
  • We declare our allegiance to Jesus the Christ, and honor the Bible as the basis for seeking and living the truth
  • We want each camper that comes to Family Week to know that they are loved unconditionally. This is how God loves us He loved us first, and continues to love us despite all of our imperfections
  • We understand the need for faithful living, and the need to share faith with others in the common journey of life
  • We strive to provide an enriching christian environment at camp, which nurtures growth in Christ, we have put in place many events and activities that help campers see Christ in a brand new way. Exciting Campfires, enthusiastic Morning Watches, powerful Worship, rich Quiet Times, and relational evening Devotions all help strengthen our campers to be more in tune with Christ and their relationship with Him
  • We view leadership, creativity, innovation and courage as necessary components in the pursuit of excellence in our service to guests and colleagues
  • We recognize the crucial juxtaposition of financial stewardship and fiscal responsibility
  • We hold a reverence for the land and its resources as gifts from the Creator and will strive to be effective and wise stewards
  • We acknowledge the primacy of prayer, and our need to seek God before, during, and after the making of decisions
  • We honor those who have committed to a lifetime of Christian service, whether in the ordained or general ministry
  • We seek to empower all believers in discovering the joy of service, especially volunteer service, to the living Lord and His people
  • We cherish our heritage in the United Methodist Church and honor its polity